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About  Me 

Thanks for visiting my site! My name is Jacqueline Graham and I'm the owner/founder  of  WIT! I  currently live in the Central Coast of California and am a competitive amateur show jumper with my horse Bo Des Gars (AKA Waffles).

Having been a "horse girl" my whole life, I started WIT Equestrian in 2019 and was focused on designing witty graphic tees and accessories.

WIT stands for "whatever it takes" and my 
goal is to continuously embody that mantra through my riding, and through life. The brand led me to meeting some super rad equestrians, and badass equestrian brands and I quickly learned that more than anything I loved the community that I had found with WIT.

In late 2022, I decided to pivot the brand and move away from clothing design and focus on creating content  for all horse people to relate, enjoy, laugh, and share in the wild experience that is being an equestrian. 

One of my biggest passions is helping equestrian brands gain exposure and spread their vision/products to my ever-growing community through my social media. I have worked with many brands (both equestrian and non-equestrian) and would love to work with you as well!

Check out my services page for more details or shoot me an email at

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