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At WIT Equestrian Clothing Co. we know Equestrians. We know you love your horse more than you love (most) people. We know you could've bought that designer handbag instead of paying your board bill. We know you could've gone on that vacation to Tulum but stayed home to show. We know you've fallen off and got right back on. We know that you didn't go out with your friends on Friday night because of your lesson on Saturday morning (well...maybe you did anyways ;)...and we love that too) We know you work hard so your horse can have a better life. You've earned your time in the saddle. We get that. We know that this sport is what makes you...YOU.  And we know that you do whatever it takes to keep. on. riding. 

That's why WIT Equestrian Clothing Co. exists. WIT is more than a clothing's a lifestyle that brings other riders (just like you together) to represent the best, hardest working, Equestrians in the sport. 

All of WIT Equestrian clothing's designs are custom designed in house by owner and founder, Jacqueline Arnold. All designs are property of WIT Equestrian Clothing company. Please do not copy, alter, or recreate these designs. 

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