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Growing your brand? I'd love to help!

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Having created many strong relationships in the equestrian small business industry, I've had the pleasure of working with brands like Dapplebay, Equestrian Club, Ronner Design, Elizabeth Hay, and more. 

I am also starting to branch out and work with "non" equestrian brands as well to help other businesses tap into a unique market that they may not have access to. 

What to Expect...

As someone who also works in sales as a full-time career, you can expect professionalism, attention to detail and urgency when we work together. I am committed to making sure you are happy with the content I create for your brand and will be sure to take the time to fully understand your expectations and visions for our projects together. 

Having owned my own clothing brand before, I know how challenging creating a following and increasing engagement on your brand's social media can be. But having spent years honing my own strategy, I've learned some tricks to growing your community of organic followers who will continuously engage, identify and potentially purchase from your brand. 

With my community of over 11,000+ followers, I truly enjoy spreading the word about great businesses and products by showcasing them in a way that my followers will want to learn more about them through the creation of unique, relatable, and stylish posts, reels, and stories.

Please note I will always put my community of followers first and my goal is to never "push products"  , but to instead showcase products and brands that may be of interest or be of benefit to them. I will never take on a brand for money or gifted product that I do not feel is the right fit. 

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What about pricing? 

When it comes to helping you grow, I prefer to take a consultative approach based on your brand and your needs. I offer many different pricing options as well as product for content options as well. In addition, professional photographer packages are also an option that we can explore together. 

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