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Here's just a few of my favorite beauty related finds and brands.

Click on each image to be directed to those sites to learn more and  purchase. 

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Bloomballa Beauty Damage Defender AOx™ - Detox Serum + Antioxidants

Why I love this: As equestrians, our heads are often times stuck in sweaty helmets and hats wehich can cause our scalp and hair to suffer the consequences of pollution, dirt, and grime causing stunted hair growth, and breakage. This oil helps nourish and protect your scalp by using Tea infusion defense. Protect your scalp and hair from the damage of chemical treatments, extensions, braids, protective styling and everyday toxins. Adaptogenic holy basil for resilience and protection, growth promoting lavender flower and anti-inflammatory and breakage-reducing organic golden jojoba oil.

Promo code: WIT10

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 Promo code: WIT10

Want to see your brand featured here? I love to spread the word about great brands and great products that I can honestly and confidently stand by. Email to see if your brand is a fit!

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