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Horse slaughter is a major and devastating issue that the Equestrian industry faces today. Over 100,000 American horses are thrown away and shipped to slaughter each year where they face extremely abusive and harmful conditions before their inhumane, unregulated, and tortured deaths.

Project Brave Bronco exists to not only spread awareness of these issues but to help fund a rescue who dedicates itself to saving every horse from this terrible fate. All Seated in a Barn Horse Rescue out of Bakersfield, CA rescues hundreds of horses from kill pens, offering them needed medical attention, rehabbing, and rehoming these horses that deserve our love. 

Project Brave Bronco was created after I saw a story about the pictured Bronco gelding in a kill pen that ASIAB tried to save but were banned from doing so because the individual that surrendered him signed a contract which stated he could never be saved so that the owner would remain anonymous forever. This Bronco was used for rodeos until he sustained a leg injury and they threw him away like garbage with no chance of ever going to a loving home. WITEQCC and ASIAB want to make sure his face lives on. 

Every item you see below exists to make sure this gelding's face and the faces of other horses who don't get a second chance be remembered. His memory will also help us spread awareness and save other horses that are in kill pens and need intervention. 

From the sale of any of the items below, 100% of the proceeds will go to All Seated in a Barn horse rescue out of Bakersfield, CA. This organization passionately saves as many horses as they can and trailers them from Texas kill pens to California weekly and has rehabbed and re-homed hundreds of horses that would have otherwise been killed. 

As an industry that created these lives, we have a responsibility to save them and give them the honor and dignity they deserve. We can make a difference by spreading the word, helping the organizations who help them, and reflecting on every single one of our actions in how we treat, breed, and maintain our horses. 

To learn more about ASIAB or to make a direct donation please go to:

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